Looking In Time

A creativity I could not express,
When things, it feels, are in a mess.

Days roll by and time doth pass.
1 becomes 3 before I ask, is this for me?

Happy to be free.  Happy to see. Happy to be me.

A contrast life, one plane hop later.
Sunning myself with no thought of tomorrow.
Lucky to see colours turn to blue and green.
Lucky to be part of the travelling scene.

A craving burns in my heart,
To see those who know me from the start.
Beautiful people through and through.
I wish I took this journey with you.

No regrets when every day is a gift.
From piles of jewels and silks I find my thrift.

England is on my mind.
No longer can my thoughts unwind.
Where is my path?
I can always laugh, for ideas bloom at the funniest of times.
When I see hills on landscape lines.







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