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Magic moments where the body is fizzing, buzzing, alive and flowing.

The room moves as one. I am lost between being absorbed in the united flow and absorbed in my own body.

This tingling feel of euphoria, sensation and aliveness. This is real. This is movement. This is space. This is yoga.

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Yoga Practice

Practicing yoga this morning. Slow, steady, considered movements. Sunshine streaming into the studio. In moments of upside down I can fully appreciate the warmth and light of the sun. Movements creating space in my body and length in my sides. Full appreciation for the bolster provided to take a restorative twist. Let go, even if just a fraction, let go, stop holding, succumb.

This is the physical practice but it transcends the mat. I feel happy, longer and more grounded.


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Sublime Moments 

Diary entry – dated 28th March 2015.  The day I left Suryalila and a week into my YTT training.  Sat on a bench outside the airport in Seville.

“Just know that in this moment everything is sublime.  I sit alone, perfectly alone in my own company.  I sit on green grass, sun beating on me, music through my headphones.  Appreciative of everything I have right now.

The two feet I stand on, the New Balance I bought, jeans that cost £9, an old tank top and my Senheisers.  The fact that all I need right in this moment is here. Everything I need is here.  

I’m about to fly to Barcelona, the trip continues.  I’ve just been paid the most money I’ve ever been paid in one month.  All the fruits of my labour are beginning to pay off.

From within the gentle appreaciation of all brings great pleasure in the smallest of actions.  Be grateful for what we have, for it is so rich and wonderful.  The grass, the light, the shadows and the trees.  The flows my heart wants to make.  Energy follows thought.  In each sweet encounter be glad for all that encapsulates it”.

Words that flowed so naturally from me that I had to capture them.

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Go Where Feels Good

I’ve just had one of those self practices where you get on the mat, shut your eyes and just see what happens.  I can highly recommend it.  No leggings, no sports bra, just jeans and a vest and just a good dose of ‘needing to move’ without my self imposed routine.  I’ve felt a little ‘out of sorts’ recently, my body just doesn’t feel as ‘strong’ and vibrant as usual and my shoulders are tense*.  I’m putting it down to a few things; busy with work and teaching, a bit stressed, trying to balance an incredible man in my life coupled with associated feelings of guilt that i’m never spending enough time on just one thing.

It’s hard to just be though isn’t it?  Isn’t it?  I mean at the start of the yoga classes I teach I try to create a space for the practitioners to just ‘be’, to connect with their breath and their body.  Yet sometimes I have to remind myself that I need that time too.  I need to move around on my mat like no one is watching (mainly cause they’re not), put some melodic music on and just swirl around, going where feels good.

I recently went to an ‘Ode to the Moon’ workshop led by Eleonora Zampatti.  A former sufferer of domestic violence, Eleonora created this sequence in harmony with a musician to create a space for those to feel and to let go of hurt.  Her workshop encouraged us to be vulnerable on the mat, to listen to what our bodies said, to move slowly and with care and to ultimately be kind and nurturing to ourselves.   It definitely touched me, I felt calmer, more tuned in and inspired by how gentle her teaching was.  Check her out, she is quite an inspirational woman.

After so many years of being out of touch with my body, of wanting to punish it for letting me down I need to remember to be kind to it.  My body actually IS getting stronger all the time.  Sometimes it might not feel that obvious but it is.  The body and mind, although one, can occasionally feel like two, I know that all too well.  That’s why it’s such a beautiful experience to get on the mat and just try, because right now something might feel hard physically, but soon both mentally and physically it will feel a little easier, or maybe it might take longer than you want, and that is just fine.  Just go where feels good.  Close your eyes during your practice,  close off a little, move into the space, invite in what comes to you.

*The shoulders and my mind feel happier after that practice!


Proud – India Rose

“When one woman puts her experiences into words, another woman who has kept silent, afraid of what others will think, can find validation. And when the second woman says aloud, ‘yes, that was my experience too,’ the first woman loses some of her fear.” Carol Christ

It´s funny how you can stumble across a quote which just perfectly sums up a pivotal moment in time.

Last week my dearest darling India stood up in front of a mix of our friends and those she didn´t know and so bravely read an extract from her diary and experience of Bulimia.  This was a huge step for her on many accounts, I don´t think I can do it justice in describing what this moment meant to her.  But what I do know is to publicly ‘admit’ that you´ve suffered and have lived through this time and come out the other side is a HUGE step.  I’ve known India for 12 years and throughout this time she has been nothing short of bold, brave and an incredible person.  We’ve always been close and by strange twists and turns of fate both found ourselves starting the journey of adult hood with eating disorders.

But just like every human is different, our experiences took us down very different roads.  Whilst mine has been in the public sphere for the past three years India has never told anyone beyond those closest to her.  That´s fucking tough.  How can we ever know the suffering going on behind a person´s beautiful exterior?  To see someone you love in pain is terrible, and to see them come out the other side is just, well, amazing.  What i’ve learnt from India is to be a shoulder and an encourager.  An encourager to keep fighting, to know there are better times ahead and a life that can be free of eating disorders.

If sharing your experience helps one person that it makes it all worth it right?  Knowing you’re not alone, that someone understands.  I am very proud to say that India´s incredible words are here https://andbreatheblog.wordpress.com/  On her blog you will find words of understanding, of thoughtfulness, of openness, of contemplation and above all, inspiration.

For my badger, I am endlessly proud of you xx