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Recovery is Waiting

There is a special woman in my life, her name is Jess Griffiths.  Having made a full recovery from an Eating Disorder herself she has dedicated her life to helping others through theirs, including me.  A wife, a mother and a kind soul.  Jess and I still keep in touch and through her network I have been able to help out several people who have wanted to call on my experience of recovery.  Dr James Palfreman–Kay just sent me these two videos made by Bournemouth University:

Recognising you having an eating disorder –

Recovery from an eating disorder –

Being able to support the work Bournemouth University do to raise awareness of eating disorders and promote recovery gives me great pride.   Bournemouth has a special place in my heart, it’s where I spent three years of my life, got a degree, suffered through Anorexia and then made a full recovery.

These videos highlight how eating disorders can happen to anyone but also importantly you can recover.  Recovery is 100% worth it.  I urge you to watch them if you’re worried about yourself or someone you know.

If you are seeking advice please visit


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