Love, Wellbeing, Yoga


As with Astavakrasana (8 limbed angle pose) my life at the moment is increasingly about balance.  Too little throttle and things don’t move forward, too much boldness and things are rushed and can fall apart.  To appreciate the good I need to have the harder times too.  A stressful moment is soon forgotten with a bike ride and the sun beating down on my skin.  I’ve been thinking about balance a lot recently.  Sometimes in the literal sense, like in yoga class when I’m trying one-legged Bakasana or attempting Pincha Mayurasana.  If I never give these postures a go then how do I expect to improve?  Yet it I over do them then it’s a face plant territory.

So much of this sentiment can be applied to life.  I can sometimes throw myself into things so forcefully that I lose touch of other parts of myself.  Practising yoga has become ingrained in my day-to-day, I crave it and I love it.  But I also need to listen to my body and pay attention when it’s tired, again not overdoing things and ignoring aches and pains.  The same can be said for spending time with loved ones.  The past two months have been incredible, deciding to do the YTT was the best decision I ever made.  Whilst absorbing all this information and learning I sometimes have to remind myself to take things slowly and graciously.  And spend time with those who I love, catch up with them, share with them and be grateful for laughter shared, hugs given and kisses on cheeks.


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