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And So it Evolves

For the past year I’ve been thinking about starting Yoga Teacher Training.  Finally I’ve stopped the deliberating and started the doing by booking my course with Stretch & Frog Lotus Yoga International.  Next month I fly to Spain to begin my YTT followed by intensive weekends in London.  I cannot wait.

For me this isn’t just about becoming a qualified teacher it’s about deepening my understanding of yoga as a whole.  Yoga has so many facets, of which I have only just started to understand.  I will be learning the practice of flow yoga.  I’ve chosen this style because I enjoy the pace and the awareness it brings to my body.  Vinyasa flow can be incredibly challenging but in the same sense so incredibly rewarding.  The physical asanas (postures) are so varied, I’ve found myself in positions I never thought I could do.  Also the power I feel during a class is something I want to share with others.  My body is constantly changing, the daily grind gives me aches.  Yet yoga gives me the time to reconnect with myself and open up tired joints and still my whirring mind.

I actually found Stretch through the wonders of Instagram.  I’m a geek and it excites me how this powerful social media tool can bring worlds together.  I knew I wanted to do YTT but when I saw the guys at Stretch I had a good feeling about them.  After putting in the enquiry a few weeks ago I’ve had this weird nervous/excited energy about me.  I hadn’t been sleeping properly (yep dreaming of yoga) and now it’s booked my mind has settled again.  I’m currently teaching myself the Sanskrit names for postures, it feels exciting and a little daunting all at once, there is so much to learn.  YTT isn’t just learning then off you go, there is so much more to truly understand.

So I guess this is the beginning of my YTT journey, a leap into something that hopefully will enrich my life so much.  For the moment it’s time to study and kiss my mat as much as possible in the lead up to Spain and the beginning of a beautiful adventure.


Building Strength

Building Strength


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