Fuller Figure Fuller Bust
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The Beautiful Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Georgina Horne is an amazing woman, creator of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and self confessed ‘shoe whore’ she is a delight to spend time with.  The first thing I noticed about George was how beautiful she was (cause I was perving on her on Instagram), secondly that she looks like a rockabilly dream and then thirdly and probably one of my favourite things, her absolutely filthy sense of humour.  I wanted to chat to her more about the forum she has created, quite modestly, that gives women a voice to discuss body image, confidence, boobs and all in-between.  Without further ado this is what she had to say…
Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

The Rockabilly babe

What inspired you to start Fuller Figure Fuller Bust?
I started FFFB in 2011 after entering a few non serious modelling contests. The one I did that really fired up the resolve to start the blog was ‘Star In A Bra’, Curvy Kate’s annual model search. My whole reason for entering was that I wanted to show people how a large busted and bodied lady looked in lingerie, and that desire didn’t go away after I claimed bronze. I wanted to have a way to show women underwear and clothing that worked for me, and I wanted to provide commentary. And so I hit upon the idea of starting a blog…
I see you as a great inspiration and a voice for a lot of men and women with body questions, how do you feel about that?
It feels crazy that people see me as some kind of body confidence guru! There are days when I feel like a fraud as I fear I’m faking the confidence I exude online, and I want to cover every mirror in the house and sit and eat celery for a month. But on the whole I feel very privileged to be seen as an inspiration and a trusted place to go to when people need to offload or question things and I hope that I can always give them good advice.
When do you feel most body confident?
I feel the most body confident when I’ve done my hair and make up and I’m all dressed up for a night out. Maybe I should say another answer that involves me nude or made up free, but the truth is, I adore the process of beautifying and it makes me feel wonderful when I can transform myself into this pretty presentable human. Not only do I look good, it’s a reflection of my skills!
What’s your greatest achievement in life so far?
I think my greatest achievement thus far is probably dropping out of Uni! I went to Uni to train as a primary school teacher, but a few months in I realised that it wasn’t for me, and thanks to my wonderful and incredibly supportive parents I dropped out and went travelling for a year. It’s so cliche but true – I really ‘found myself’ in that year and it made me realise that, within reason, I need to do what makes me happy.
You are a body snark banisher which I love, if in an ideal world we didn’t have body snark what do you think it would be like/look like and how do you think people would be in that world?
A world with no body snark sounds lovely! I think people would be happier. They would be kinder. They would be less image obsessed and afraid to wear what they want to wear. Elysium!
Which underwear brands do you swear by?
My absolute favourite brand right now is Ewa Michalak, a Polish brand. They make the biggest range of sizes I’ve ever seen and the bras and so beautiful and comfy. I recommend them to everyone I speak to! I also adore Freya, Curvy Kate and Elomi.
Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Absolutely smokin’

If you could visit anywhere in the world where would be your destination?
If I could revisit a place – New Zealand. It’s so beautiful and charming and there’s so much to see and do.
In terms of new places I think South America. It just looks so varied and interesting.
Where would you like to see FFFB go?
I’d love to go into schools and talk about body confidence and bra fitting. I’d love to blog full-time. I’d love to become a Mum in a few years. But to be honest I’m happy as I am now as well!
What are you tips for body confidence/self-esteem?
Confidence is something that really has to come from within. But to aid you on your journey I’d say… Don’t read those awful magazines that talk about celebrities weight. Don’t follow ‘rules’ when it comes to getting dressed, wear what you want to wear. Be kind to others and accept compliments.
Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

This woman!

Nobody is perfect and I believe we shouldn’t pretend to be, if you have negative feelings towards your body/hair/shoes whatever do you have tricks to combat that?
It’s really hard to stop those negative thoughts at times. They roll in like thunder and before you know it you’re deep in a world of self loathing. I’d say the best thing you can do is change it if you can – pop a new pair of shoes on or re style your hair. If you can’t change it then stop worrying, and wait until you can or focus on things you do like. And if it’s something that requires a lot of work to change it then think long and hard about your reasons for disdain and who you’d be changing for and if ultimately changing would be better long term then do it!
Thanks George, you’re a babe for taking the time to chat.  George is getting married next year and in a very honest and frank post she talked about her feelings about the endless cycle of dieting and wanting to lose weight.  I read this post and thought WOW what a refreshing read that just cuts out the bull sh*t.  George is on her own journey for her,  you can find out more about it with Stella.  Body confidence, I believe, comes from being happy from within and if that means altering habits for renewed confidence then I say go for it!
Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

You’re welcome



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