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Body Positive with Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan November

Cosmopolitan November

In the sea of negative media articles telling women they should be thinner, better, taller, smoother it is SO refreshing to see that Cosmopolitan have started to go against the tide.  Ever since being part of their Amazing Bodies series last year I have noticed the content become more body positive and celebratory of the female form in it’s natural glory.  I know that re-touching will always happen, such as colour correction, but I would love to see re-touching of size or shape eradicated.  Women and men are hard enough on themselves without unrealistic and unnatural images disguised as ‘real’.

Recently an advert popped up on Facebook about some ‘magic’ slimming aid, it had some ridiculous claims and ridiculous photos.  I don’t want this garbage clogging up my feed but unfortunately that’s down to FB’s algorithms.  However, I can chose the magazines I pick up.  Thank you Cosmopolitan and Cosmo Body for making strides in promoting body positivity, long may this continue!


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