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Well Good Morning!

Image courtesy of Morning Gloryville

After seeing some particularly bright and shiny photos of a friend in the midst of a dance move looking radiant I thought where is she and how do I get there?  I was thrilled to discover said photos were from an event called Morning Gloryville. After finding out it was mid-week in the morning I thought alas I can’t attend.  How wrong was I? Those clever free-spirits run the party from 6.30am-10.30am so it’s accessible to all us 9-5ers and such like!!

Armed with some badass high waisted leggings the girls and I found ourselves outside the infamous Oval Space with a bunch of very bouncy crowd pleasers to rouse the sleepy lot. We get in, we run up the stairs and are hit with a wall of heavy bass, dance beats and more glitter than you can shake a disco ball at.  Whilst others headed straight for the coffee bar we went totally caffeine free and did what can only be described as ‘had it’ on the dance floor.  I’ve never had the pleasure of dancing in my running shoes and funnily enough you can bounce really high in them, makes for great airborne feelings.

Image Courtesy of Morning Gloryville

What makes this event unique is the party is totally sober, well it is Wednesday morning after all.  Gone is the focus on shots and whatever you choose to sway your reality with. In it’s place a room full of people, cliché it may be, high on life. What stood out for me were all the genuine smiles, everyone was loving it. Every few songs you had to take a moment to appreciate the surreal element of it, plus the thought of your meeting at 10am.

From the get go I was a sweaty ball of dancing hyperness.  Put hundreds of revelers in a room and it gets hot.  The DJs knew exactly how to get this chipper crowd off with some 90s classics mixed in to encourage off the chart hands in the air.

Image courtesy of Morning Gloryville

I didn’t even stop for a smoothie which had a dedicated bar serving up lots of delicious healthy concoctions.  After pretty much solid dancing for two hours I stretched my weary legs on the complimentary yoga mats.  There are even 15 minute massages to soothe your weary limbs.

This party was hands down, or should I say up, one of the best things I have ever done.  It got me thinking about group mentality and of course the darker side of parties.  It’s the norm to have a party, people get drunk, they dance, they have fun and then don’t remember most of it the next day.  This kind of party is the total opposite.  You dance, you have fun, you remember everything and on top of that you get the best work-out you could ask for at 6.30am.  In this environment you can let loose and totally dance like you want because it’s an open forum.  People are there to be ‘in the moment’ and revel in the music and the atmosphere, unaltered, honest and real.

Image courtesy of Morning Gloryville


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