Sofa Karma

New Cross at dusk

New Cross at dusk


Herein lies the end of my time sofa surfing in London for 2014.  Or, to be more specific; sofa-bed, sofa and bed surfing courtesy of some very kind friends.  Lest I forget my wonderful parents who welcomed me back when I was fresh off the plane back in March and kept me fed and watered for six weeks before I found myself back in the flurry of London.

Sofa karma.  The act, I believe, of offering one’s personal space to a friend who is in need.  The ‘big smoke’ is a hellishly expensive place to live, and with very little money and a new internship I was asking India and Lizzie if I could kip on their sofa bed for a ‘while’.  Sure enough I knew I could rely on them and I spent my first month working and filling their living room with my clothes, shoes and towels.  Ladies, thank you.  That first month was tough and your warmth and openness to me being there won’t be forgotten.

Fast forward a few weeks and I awoke one Saturday morning to a vague re-collection of my friend Mikey offering up his sofa for grabs.  After a month spent at the girls I felt I was erring on the edge of outstaying my welcome (no one needs my shoes clogging their living room for longer than that).  So I left the comfort of the gals to finding myself looking out of the enormous balcony of the gated community belonging to Mikey, Joe and Harry.  It was quite the contrast going from my badger’s place to boys and the World Cup (by the end I actually quite enjoyed the football…..).  Yet again I felt very fortunate to have kind friends who would let me into their beautiful home and share tea and numerous digestive biscuits.

By the end of the second month my good friend and fellow travel buddy Jonny was off on another travel adventure so offered to allow me to take this room for the month.  So thanks to Jonny and Flynn I spent the hottest nights of summer in a bed for the first time in two months, oh such hot, sweaty bliss!  By this point I was fortunate enough to have only paid for bills during my time crashing at peoples’ houses.  Guys and gals you have no idea how much this helped me and allowed me to stay afloat.

So this brings me nicely onto what I believe is ‘sofa karma’.  Just the simple act of letting a friend stay when they need it most can be a small act but one that is hugely appreciated.  I hope to always be able to extend that kindness to people who want/need to crash with me.  Whilst on my travels I experienced various different scenarios meeting generous people who would let me into their homes, offer me delicious meals and a safe place to rest my head.  It’s been no different since arriving back in the UK four months ago.

So this post is dedicated to my family, friends and those over the world who have let me stay with you.  Thank you.  And always know that my doors are open for you too.


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