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The Good vs The Bad Debate


Delicious Sri Lankan curry

“No food is good or bad, it’s how much you eat of food that matters”. This statement has stuck with me since my nutritionist uttered it eight years ago. It took me a while but gradually I became to accept food groups back into my diet and push away feelings of guilt attributed to certain food groups. When I was in recovery I found it very difficult to be in an office environment where people seemingly constantly talked about diets, good food, bad foods and exercise. I found it overwhelming and had to keep myself level by not engaging in the conversation. Now seven years on since I recovered from Anorexia I still firmly believe that no food is good or bad. Also I have become increasingly aware that people precursor a statement about food with ‘good or bad’. I’ve lost count of the times I hear “oh i’m being good today” or “i’ve been so bad recently” to “i’m trying to be good”. Since when did eating food or exercising have to be either saintly or sinning? When you say you’re being good I can guarantee you’re making someone feel bad. When you say you’ve been bad someone probably thinks ‘thank goodness I have been good’. I wish people would stop labeling how they eat with this type of talk. I don’t think it does any favours in terms of self esteem or feelings of guilt towards food and diet. What do you think?


One thought on “The Good vs The Bad Debate

  1. I agree virtually completely and only differ on altered foods like chemical filled (body does not digest), gmo (alters dna), and soda (coke eats rust). Outside of that pastries are delicious!

    Also, connecting food with emotions is just not logical. You have got the mindset. Now getting everyone else to see it is the trick.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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