Holding On To The Positives


This manifesto

After five and a half months of travelling Sri Lanka and India I came back to England full of enthusiasm for life, positivity and a clear mind.

I was chatting to two friends the other day discussing trying to cling on to the positivity you feel when you’re travelling.  How do you stop yourself from holding onto to those feelings of wonderful openness to new things, relaxed attitudes and a pretty much perma smile?

There is no doubting life in England versus a life on the road is vastly different. I firmly believe travelling and experiencing new cultures have been important parts to my personal growth.  I am very fortunate to have travelled extensively.  I have also met many people in countries where their dream is to leave their borders for an adventure yet their income will probably never allow this.

Going to India alone a lot of people described me as brave and said they wouldn’t do the same.  I too had my reservations to begin with but actually I found it thrilling and enriching.  India captured my heart in ways I never could have predicted. Finding yoga and its more spiritual side was so interesting. I used to associate yoga with primarily relaxation then fitness.  Learning the philosophy and discovering the connection between asana, body and mind left a lasting impression.

If I start to feel a little down on things I try my best not to dwell on it and look for the positives.  There are times I’ve felt negative and have to make a conscious effort to try and reconnect my positive way of thinking towards it.

By the end of my trip I felt mixed emotions on coming back to England.  I couldn’t wait to see my loved ones but I also felt a larger fear of ‘what if I have nothing and have to start from scratch?’.  I thought I would spend my time away figuring out some genius life plan, voyaging into new domains or something like that.  Instead I spent the best part of six months loving, living every moment at that time.

Yes it’s clichĂ© but I learnt a lot about myself on this last trip. I learnt new things, I was inspired by people, humbled by lives and stories and above all darn grateful to be spending time doing what I love.

Being back in England I felt a rush to regain my feet and some momentum in my life.  I’ve always been fairly driven and worked since I was 13.  I like to keep the brain in gear and one big reality check was the money pot was empty, time to work.  I initially didn’t see myself back in London.  I had dreams of coastal living for a while.  But the pull of jobs that would stretch and teach me and my beautiful friends brought me back to this vast city.  The concrete jungle with glorious patches of green I seek to find.

I was described as impatient a little while ago.  I think this person, although said it not the best way, had a point.  I often do ‘want it all’ yet life changes and merges in mysterious ways.  I count myself extremely lucky to have wonderful family and friends who have offered me beds, sofas and warmth over these past three months.  I also have a brilliant exciting new job which breathes a welcome breath of fresh air into my career.

As my best friend said, ‘things will take time’.  I have kindness, open doors and opportunities all around me and that’s a whole lot to be positive about!  When the daily grind pulls at me I remember how far I have come in the past year and the great lessons I have learnt.


Ganesha in the desert




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