Expression Through Words

I’ve been amazed and delighted at the reaction to my previous post on single life.  It’s incredibly interesting for me to get other people’s opinions on this topic and also know others feel the same. 

Since last year and more recently whilst travelling I would get little bursts of inspiration for ‘poetry’.  I don’t really know if its a poem or just a ramble, all I know is I enjoy a rhyme.  The words flow pretty freely and straight from a place within my heart.

I was so inspired after hearing spoken word poet Holly McNish perform at Be Real Talks last June.  Her passion and talent ricocheting through every verse, drawing me into her words.  I must make more effort to go to spoken word events, its such a beautiful expressive medium.

So I wrote this ‘poem’ in May this year.  I think it may be better said out loud but I’m going to put it here anyway. 

What to do with all the hurt?
When inside you’re fit to burst
You’re supposed to be so strong
You’re supposed to not be wrong
Put a face that betrays the truth
Give an air of being aloof.

Rejection in the friendliest of terms
Keep the peace, don’t make them squirm
Sensitive and alert yet it doesn’t hide the hurt
Expectations followed by predictable commiserations.

Ignoring the gut
To not be stuck in a rut
Make the best
Put it to the test
Shit, I deal with the rest.

Take a chance
Give it a shot
No regrets to live by
No regrets to stand by
Oh, wait, I think one just flew by.

Be patient they say
There will be a day
When someone doesn’t walk away
They like you for you
They will be true
They’ll understand you

Yet Long are days alone
Am I not allowed to moan?
I don’t like being on my own
You can’t understand this raw feeling
Stomach turns like acid peeling
I lie awake looking to the ceiling
Waiting for that inevitable feeling.



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