Sunshine Running

I love running. There’s a wonderful feeling of freedom I get from it to which no other exercise can compare. Now the UK temperatures are rising there’s even more reason to don the Lycra and get outside.

There are the obvious benefits of being cardio fit and having strong legs. But I think running gives me so much more than that. I love the feeling of putting my music on and just running with no direction or time limit. When I used to run around London I would always discover new areas, parks, cafes to entertain my adventures. Running is such a fantastic and free way to explore. Also I love to sweat. What could be sweeter satisfaction that knowing your blood is pumping, your heart is working hard and you’re getting fitter each time?

Running also allows for the elusive ‘time to think’ (and sing along to music and woop cause you’re enjoying the run, or maybe that’s just me….) With no interruptions from people I can just muse on life. Undoubtedly there are times I don’t want to go out but I just have to remind myself how good I feel when I get back to know I should go for a run.

What do you like/hate about running? I’d love to know so comment below.

I’d best go put on those Asics!

Below are some photos I took from runs in London and Norfolk.






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